Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Symphonie Chapter Two


Movement One
Allegro Con Brio

02     He knew what the next step could be.

Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg*, searching the name in Facebook would be the easiest way.  But what if she was not interested in social networks and did not have an account there?  It was even possible she was not interested in the Internet at all or did not know how to use it, or even the ID was not the real name . . . everything was possible.

He opened his Facebook page, moved the cursor to the search tab, and typed the name letter by letter very slowly: J-U-L-I-A, and pressed the enter key.  Tens of names and pictures were returned.  His heart was pounding.  Dammit . . . she should be somewhere there.  Julia, Julia, one after another, and yes, she was there: Julia from his town.  No more information though.  But the photo showed she was her!  ‘Julia only shared some information with everyone; he had to add her as a friend or send her a message if he knew Julia’, as dear Facebook said!

What now?  What now?  Quit?  Forget?  Continue?  He decided to continue.  Clicked on ‘add friend’.  The request was sent . . . done. 

Now he had plenty of time to sip the beautiful Margarita!  He was sure he would not get any response for a few days, if any!  He sat back and shut his eyes.  The images of youth flooded back again. 

He was fifteen.  A class violinist from Romania, Ion Voicu, performed Paganini’s first concerto**, D major, Opus 6, with Tehran Symphony.  Two weeks after, a Persian young violinist graduated from Vienna Conservatory, Bijan Khadem-Misagh, performed Mendelssohn’s E minor concerto.  Later that season, the King of Persia awarded him with a Strad*** as a prize.  It was then that the young boy suddenly fell in love with the instrument. 

He soon decided he had to learn to play the violin.  His classmates laughed at him; why the most difficult instrument?  A guitarist friend (now a professional composer in his homeland) insisted he could play guitar or keyboard pretty well in a few months while he had to practice violin for years to get a clean sound if he was lucky.  But the answer was negative, violin or nothing!

Ding . . . ding . . . a message in Facebook took him out of the tunnel of time! 

Julia had accepted his friend request and was asking him in a private message: “Have we met?”  Well, what now?  It did not take more than thirty minutes or so!  He decided to try sort of kidding, “No, but I noticed a pair of beautiful legs and a pair of gorgeous eyes in the concert tonight and decided to know those eyes better!”

“Very good intention, lol,” she replied.  He lied, “Kidding aside, as a music lover, I decided to have a few musician friends in my Facebook account; so requested you and a few of your colleagues in first and second violins and also the viola section.”

“But how did you find me; I mean . . . find us?” she asked.  He was straight this time, “I looked for the names at the orchestra’s website and picked your name.”

“And why me, if I may ask, lol” she asked.  “Well, because......” he replied.  She was laughing at the other end, “Good reason! Lol.”  She used that “lol” every few words which suggested she was a happy, cheerful person. 

* Mark Zuckerberg: the founder and creator of the famous social network, Facebook
** Concerto is a music form for a solo instrument accompanied by a symphony orchestra
*** Stradivarius or Strad in short, is a brand name for the finest violins and other strings made by Antonius Stradivarius in eighteenth century in Cremona, Italy.  A few of these instruments have still survived.

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