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Symphonie Chapter Four


Movement One
Allegro Con Brio

04     God . . . it was an invitation to a concert!  Well, sort of!

The message read, “I will be performing Lalo’s Symphonie Espagnole* (Spanish Symphony) with the Coast Symphony Orchestra at the Cathedral Church on second of February; thought you might like to know.”

Of course he liked to know.  He loved to know.  But wait a minute . . . Symphonie Espagnole was for violin and orchestra!  Now a violist wanted to perform it?!  Like most violists, he understood, she was a violinist originally and then switched to the viola.  But Lalo’s work was not an easy one for a violist to do.

February the second: it was a Wednesday.  Eight pm, good, he had enough time to go home after work and change and go to the concert fresh, although the church was only one block away from his office.  But what about tickets; where and when and how could he get one?  He had to tell the world about the concert.  But first, he had to organize his mind . . . first things first.

He googled the Coast Symphony and found that the orchestra had a decent website, although a local small ensemble.  Then he found that there were no tickets; admission was only by donation at the door.  The next step was trying to take more spectators to the concert.  Suddenly, he froze like a hard disk!  It took a small moment.  What was he doing?  Why so much enthusiasm for a lady he barely knew?  He tried to fool himself: it was for Muse, the goddess of arts, not for Julia.  No . . . it was music he loved so much and he did what he did only for the sake of arts and music.  Okay, good, now he could continue; he himself was smiling at the fake reason he found!  Later, Julia told him that she could clearly feel his support.

He posted it on his Facebook status: “Hey folks . . . my friend, Julia, will be performing Lalo with the Coast Symphony next Wednesday.  Do not miss it.”   He was pretty sure not all his fellow Persians liked classical music and that not more than one or two of his Facebook friends, if any, would attend the concert; but he had to do whatever he could.  He did not feel like messaging Julia again.  He was not sure how she would feel: an intruder, a bugging stranger, what?  He had to wait . . . just wait, poor, old boy!

The next day, he sent an e-mail to the editor-in-chief of the magazine for which he used to write years before.  He asked for a large size ad in the next issue inviting Persians to the concert.  

In his homeland, before immigration, he was a very well-known writer and columnist.  He wrote articles on a variety of subjects such as earthquake  (focused on the effect on buildings), computers (focused on the use in engineering), Persian literature and poetry (in which he was an expert although not a professional), and, of course, music.  After arriving in his new country, he soon found a few Persian publications and started writing for them for free.  He loved to write, it was kind of breathing the air for him.  This made him widely known in the small community of Persian emigrants, some 50,000 people in town.  And of course the editors of those publications deeply respected him and longed to have a chance to do something, anything, as a favour for him.

He had done whatever that could humanly be done.  Now he could only wait and see the fruits of his efforts in a week.

* Edouard Lalo, was the French composer of Symphonie Espagnole.  This work is rather a violin concerto (for violin and orchestra) in form, but the composer used the title of symphony for it.  Also, please note the spelling of "symphonie" in Spanish...not author's error!

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