Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vancouver Convention Centre

When I started my Canadian career in 2004, I was very lucky to start with an amazing project, Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre, an expansion part to the existing building.

The building is over 135,000 square metres in 6 storeys. Design of the floor beams (horizontal elements to carry vertical loads in the load path, technically speaking) was a big challenge because of:

- Very long spans, up to 70 m
- Cranked beams spanning from one level to another with up to 50 deg slopes
- Heavy loads
- Limited deflections at most locations
- Limited beam height at certain locations

Built-up beams (WWF technically) with heights over 1,000 mm and masses over 500 kg/m were used very often, while some customized heavy girders with heights of up to 2,500 mm and customized high strength steel (Fy = 450 MPa, technically) were used for exceptional long spans and cantilevers.

I have to add, I was double lucky to start my Canadian career not only with a great project, but also with a great consulting firm, Glotman.Simpson, and under direction of a great structural engineer, Mr. Rob Simpson.

This beautiful building was inaugurated last week followed by an open house last weekend. Watch a short video of the open house:

See photos of the open house on my photoblog. See a panorama of the building under construction one year ago. This panorama would be best seen downloaded to full screen.
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