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Declan Galbraith (born 19 December 1991) is an English singer of Scottish and Irish origin.

He and his family live in Hoo, a village near Rochester, Kent. His grandfather was in a band, played several instruments, and took Galbraith to the concerts he was participating in, and the mix of Scottish and Irish musical traditions inspired Galbraith and became his early musical influence.

Although he is a British citizen and singer, Declan is more famous and well known abroad. The extent of his fame is widest in Germany where most of his albums were promoted, his songs recorded, and videos made. His first album in Germany had soon sold 200,000 copies within the year of release. As well as Germany, many other countries in Europe consider Declan as one of its well loved celebrities.

Watch a phenomenal song by Declan Galbraith, Tell Me Why

Source: Wikipedia

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