Monday, December 19, 2005


Liel, only 16 years old now, has become a star in Germany. She has done hundreds of performances all around the world.

She has turned a symbol and voice for peace since she sang the nostalgic beautiful song “Imagine” with President Clinton and two choirs including Arab and Jewish children singers.

Liel has also performed concerts with legends such as Sir Elton John, and Scorpions. She sings in five languages, plays guitar, and writes her own music.

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  1. It is a good fight, fighting for peace. Never imagined Clinton singing...It makes me remember another song, "Where have all the flowers gone", in the sweeet voice of Joan Baez... remember that?

    Farya, I have linked your blog to mine, "The Road Not Taken" - although my English is not so good (at all) I think that here we have the beggining of an ever-lasting friendship.

    I recomend you to read also "De óperas e de lagartos" ("lizzards") - which belongs to a great good e-friend of mine.

    Kisses from faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away São Paulo-Brazil


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